Earphones: Expectations vs. Reality

Earphones: Expectations vs. Reality

Whether we like it or not sound is one of the most important aspects of life. The universe is a follow-through space for wave propagation and with different frequencies mediating over different media makes way for sound emergence. The sounds help move the wheel of progress uninterrupted. From the big bang to a simple poof; sound realizes everything. We, humans, are a part of the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is at the top of living being hierarchy because of their evolving senses. Humans are the most intelligent beings because we are the masters of the six senses. Sound being one of these six senses has a very important part to play in our lives.

Every mode of communication is a gift of sound. From verbal conversation to telecommunication, everything runs on the power of sound. As the presidential species of the evolution pyramid, we humans are quite intellectual. We have not only discovered the true nature of sound but also invented various ways & methods to make it multipurpose. We salvaged the tunes of nature and through our instruments created music. Nowadays it is the music form of sound which is the most exhilarating and rejuvenating among all its other forms.

Currently, the sound section is bustling with opportunities. From sound designing to sound effect and from musicals to sound medication, every branch of civilization is using one form or the other form of sound. On a more personal note listening to music is one of the best activities of the people nowadays. Everyone loves music; want to learn it, listen to it, play it and make it. Out of all these options listening to music is an activity everybody indulges on a daily basis. Life is very relaxing nowadays because there is music everywhere.

Personalized sound experience is the motto of earphones or headphones.

The invention of earphones was done to customize the playlist down to each person basis. The manufacturers and marketers from all over the sound industry are producing millions of earphones & headphones all-round the year on varying budgets to cater to this refreshing self-indulgence of the mass populace.

Expectations of every music lovers are to buy a brilliant earphone that offers high-grade sound quality, stylish design, and other features. Some of us are even willing to splurge a gallon on branded earphones to experience the best with a status update. But in reality, we do not always get what we expect. In reality, the earphones are built with the single most important motive to grant personal sound experience. Earphones come in all price ranges and they may either be branded or not. The quality of sound depends on the noise cancellation system and equalizer options. The style depends on the mould and mettle of the earphones. The streaming of sound is usually dependent on the type of connectivity – wired or wireless.

Anyway, it is safe to say that the expectation of all the people buying earphones is not fulfilled on realistic grounds. If you are expecting everything for an economical pricing then you have to test through a dozen from the street hawkers’ kiosks. But if you want everything well warded, then you go for the high-end earphone brands. Either way, you compromise longevity or spend excess. But if you stray away from everything to some aspects then you can very well get almost everything at a logistic online or a fancy offline earphones retailer.


10 Common Myths about Power Banks

10 Common Myths about Power Banks

Energy is the driving force of everything. Human has discovered this sooner than any other life forms. This makes human the most intelligent beings. Through the ages human civilization has evolved from animal skin wearing barbarians to suit wearing corporate. This is all thanks to the discovery of energy usage and conservation. Science is the forefather of technology and energy is the mother. The combination of these two is fuelling the modern age. The current world order is a parade of digital happenings. Energy is powering everything. Smartness is the most important aspect of real time modern technology. Smart devices are of that sort. We use smart devices frequently. Still without power these devices are useless. Once the battery drains out; Poof!! All the smartness is gone.

So to keep the smart factor tab full all the time, we must always keep the batteries of the devices charged up. For charging on the run, we will require a portable charging bank. This is power bank. It is very essential and popular in this age. Many companies are manufacturing power banks nowadays. You can get a suitable power bank in every price range. Big companies showcase pricey ones while the small firms cater economical ones.

But if something is so popular then it must definitely have some rumours floating around it. Similarly, power banks also have their own share of so-called myths. These myths were effective in olden days but with the advent of modern technology and energy efficiency drive these have become obsolete.

Following are the 10 myths about power banks.

1. Discharging a power bank on a device for a certain power percent will give the bank a memory about the uptake capacity of the device connected – this is wrong. 80% charge is good enough for any smart device and power banks do not have device customized memory.

2. A non-branded charge cable or a different brand charge cable degrades the power bank – this is misconception. As long as the power output of the adapter is within limits and the chord USB is compatible, any charger can charge any power bank.

3. Charging a power bank overnight doesn’t really damages the power bank. Smart integration nowadays cuts of the power after a full charge. Though it is recommended not to force charge after 80%.

4. Using while charging is damaging – this is false. This process certainly heats up the power bank but doesn’t really damage it. On the contrary the ion flux increases and the battery is rejuvenated. Still, you must control the frequency of this action.

5. Turning the smartphones off while charging on power banks does not damage the devices. This is a very effective way to keep both phone and power bank healthy.

6. Initially the power banks require a full charge – this is unnecessary. Power banks are packed at 50% charge and a battery within 40 to 80 percent charge storage is good for use.

7. Do not put your power bank into the freeze if it heats up. This is dangerous and damages the power bank irrevocably.

8. Power bank connected with an internet active device drains charge quickly – this is wrong. Internet without gaming is not very draining. Furthermore a phone uptakes an extra of 50 mAh at max if operational while charging over its normal limit. This is very feasible.

9. Connectivity drains power – this is a common myth. Power banks are not affected by the connectivity stats of connected smart devices.

10. Frequent charging and discharging damages the power bank – this is very wrong. Conversely, more frequent the process healthier is the battery of the power bank. This activity prolongs the longevity of the power banks.

Always keep your smarts powered up!! 2018’s top power banks

Always keep your smarts powered up!! 2018’s top power banks

The energy efficiency is the most critical and crucial worry of the people living in the present-day age. Energy has always been the driving force for the human civilization but the benefits of it has been reaped dry for the past few decades through extensive usage. The affluent expenditure of the fuel resources born due to the easy access to the sources has given relevant and accelerating boost to the inventions of modern technologies and the neo-futuristic life style. The price for this progress was however quite ruinous. The primary drawback was degrading natural environment and hazardous global maladies which may lead to extinction of races and the secondary drawback was the depletion of fuel resources which may lead to a day when the civilization will just stop amidst a perpetual darkness.

The solution for this tumultuous problem is still being searched on. In the meantime eco-friendly integration and usage of non-conventional sources of energy are chosen as feasible alternatives. But making a process energy efficient that is conservation of energy by using only optimal input to get the maximum output, is the latest trend.

An age, controlled by the digital footprint of the people, needs to be proficient with its energy expense or else everything will be lost. The smart devices are nowadays being fitted with finer quality of batteries to reduce the charging time and thus conserving energy. The lighter elements used in these batteries help them to get powered up quickly and release charge for longer durations of time. Still an additional back up is required for these smart devices. With all the different apps running and continuous internet connection, the in-built battery drains out quite rapidly. For emergency recharging power banks are an essential necessity. The power banks are like inverters that store charge up to high ampere-hour units and discharge power to connected devices anytime and anywhere. With a good power bank you can full-charge your smart phone for about 4 times at a place where the nearest electric pole is about 300 miles away.

Red Dragon online electronic portal offers the customers a wide range of high quality power banks. These come in all shapes and sizes and have varied power capacities. We only shelf branded power banks to assure compete customer satisfaction. The Red Dragon power bank tab is filled with definitive items but following are reining chart toppers –

  • Panasonic 9000 mAh Power Bank:

    This is the sassiest model in our aisle. With a dischargeable 9000 mAh Li-ion battery and stylish rounded square shape, Panasonic has doled out a chic powerhouse for any trendy smart phone. The power bank comes in four cool shades and with all compulsory accessories.

  • OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank:

    This sandstone black colored power bank from OnePlus is as aristocratic as one can get. With a standard 10000 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, this is a classic power saver. Packed with an USB adaptor, power chord and a warranty, this is a complete office package.

  • Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 2:

    Rectangular parallelepiped black box with a power station is the vision motto of MI. The power bank has a battery with Lithium core and 10000 mAh aptitude. Smart device can be charged more than once. The item is well built and comes with a power cable.

  • Original Sony CP-S15 15000 mAh Power Bank:

    Nothing gets surer than a Sony power bank. An item you can trust your phone with. The 15000 mAh power is amazingly well stocked in the Li-ion polymer battery and the discharging speed is very appreciable. A sturdy built with weather resistant features makes this white block a savior. The accessories and warranty aside, CP-S15 comes at a made discounted price of Rs.3000 from the counters of Red Dragon.

  • Ambrane 16000mAh 5V/ 2 A P-2080 Power Bank 16000 mAH Portable Charger:

    A storehouse of electricity, this massive power bank is an official portable charger. Built on a Li-ion battery with a colossal power load of 16000 mAh, this item can charge any phone or smart device more than 3 times and multiple devices at once in a single go. Comes with multiple port option, a power cable, adapter and a warranty. Ambrane has become the rad power bank manufacturer based on this item’s fame.


Best Ear-Gears For Your Paramount Personal Musical Experience In 2018

Sound is the one the most fundamental aspects of nature and life itself. Its presence and absence equally affects everything. But the tunes of the nature and the one created by us are the carrier for serenity and tranquillity. Sounds are important for making conversation, to communicate and to incite fervent emotions during various life changing occasions. Sounds of music are the most empowering frequencies in the life. There isn’t a single emotion in the dictionary of life which could not be explained or signified by one or other forms of music. Everyone loves music. We live by music. We listen to music to enjoy, to relax, to rehabilitate, to vent anger or frustration, to perform, to get passionate, to get inspired and also to get addicted.

The gregarious advent of technology has made the sound industry compressed down from a room size boom box to a pint size woofer and a stethoscope earphone to couple of wireless earplugs. Nowadays, orchestras have become an art form in the music industry as most of the sounds are made on the high spec computerized sound kit inside a sound studio. The smart devices has given the option to store a huge playlist and get it update every now & then over the internet. Though we love to party with loud music, still most of us want to give ourselves, our own music time with a private playlist.

At home you can enjoy your favourite music with proper setup and music but what to do on the run. As most of us are working and running all day long, earphones has become an essentiality  for our leisure time and is the significant other of the stress busting duo – smart device & earphones. Aside from listening to music, we also make effective & clear conversations over the phone, on video chat, though conference call and so on, with other communicative modes.

There are many good quality earphones on the market. Some are branded and some are not. You can also get discount priced stock clearance branded earphones if you’re lucky. Hands down, some of the best earphones of the world are from the shelves of either or another branded sound developers.  The fact of the matter is, it is not the brand name that really matters but the sound quality and overall finesse of the products. Of late the sound market is being flooded with various high grade earphones. Red Dragon is one of the best digital retailers in the online domain. The plethora of products archived in its aisles is truly grandiose. Out of all the personalized sound products, based on Red Dragon’s sales stats, a probable top 5 in 2018 list may feature the following ear-gears for their tested high standards and great customer reviews.


1. Sony MDR-EX155 Headphone –

These earphones are the reason you will want to go back to the wired life in this wireless age. The superior build and comfortable in-ear composition makes MDR-EX155 a good buy.  But what makes it the best buy is the customizable audio system; it is like the earphone has its own sound balancer & a bass knob to let you hear your music on your own sound terms.


2. Motorola Earbuds 2 with Mic –

If you are walking-talking person or just want to avoid the gibberish noise in a stuffy crowd then these earphones are the perfect buy. These Motorola cabled ear buds with great noise cancellation system and fine ambience audio are a great option. It has a simple design; a switch unit, a pair of padded in-ear sound channels and a good mic which lets you converse with clarity in hostile situations.


3. Samsung EHS64AVFWECINU Wired Headset with Mic –

The earphone experience does not get any more exhilarating than these. The EHS64AVFWECINU is truly a pair of wired ear buds with mature design and good connectivity. The buds are pleasurably comfortable with best sound quality and balanced audio system. The canalized output in-ear buds provides deep bass and the mic piece has the call take/cut button along with volume keys. One of the best buys in 2018.


4. JBL C100SI Wired Headphone –

These sound plugs are one of the best economic ones in the list. The earphones are wired and are designed in the classic JBL sleek & shiny roundel mold with in-ear feature. C100SI headphones are very affordable and give a serious punch to your favorite songs with stellar and balanced audio quality accompanied by JBL’s signature bass & dynamics.


5. LeEco LePDH401IN CDLA Wired Headphones –

The latest one in the common wired earphone genre. Simple style and high effect. The pod shaped ear buds have a sleek yet strong build. The earphone has a great, an intuitive magnetic switch and an archetypal reverberating audio system with wonderful sound. LeEco has outdone itself with great digital loudspeaker system and a sensitive & record-availing microphone system.