How to Rock Out With Earbuds or Headphones Without Damaging Your Hearing

If you wish to listen to rock and party music while workout session or begin the morning with this relaxing sound, then you need to also watch out that you do not damage your sense of hearing. Many people spend their time daily with earphones with rock music into their ears.

To balance the volume of hearing’s length        

Level and length of hearing are two different aspects which need to get the balance. This is for avoiding the induced noise. Which can be harmful to ears from the ordinary earphones or headsets.

Around 80 to 90% volume for the 90 minutes of time duration is the general rule. It is a common fact that ‘the length of hearing is inversely proportional to its volume’. If you are speaking for more amount of time for around 80 minutes, then keep your pitch or sound low so that you can listen to it for a long time. The lower the volume, the higher the length of time duration.

Thus, the Jabra Bluetooth headset in black & orange is a very safe headset available at bestasshoppy.com at an affordable price. There are many types of devices available on this web portal.

Benefits of good earphones or headsets

There are many advantages of buying good and well-known company’s earphones or headsets as they see to the health of the ears also.

  • Prevents losing the sense of hearing
  • Able to hear the outside sound with care in traffic areas
  • Saves money of going to doctors

Various devices

Apart from the pitch, volume and duration of talking, the device which you use also creates a difference. There are three different types of devices where each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

As per the ears, a headset coves the ear and is very fit for preventing the noise from outside. Such a supreme quality of headsets enables you to do this for a very long time. But they are not as portable as earphones.

Earphones enable you to hear the noise of outside for entering into your ear that can be the best for safety if you are traveling or are near to the traffic with other people. But, people always increase the pitch of the music in the areas where they need to keep it low like public areas, traffic areas, etc.

Isolated earphones have the tips of rubber which just blocks the canal of the ear. They are good for listening to music or sound but can be harmful to walkers, runners, and cyclists who have to look out for the outside sounds also like vehicles horn or traffic. Thus even doctor says that spend some little extra money on good earphone or headset, but don’t damage your ears.

Thus, here it is shown that if you spend a bit extra money on good company’s headset or earphones, you will save your ears and prevent the chances of loss of hearing.

Using audio headphones, earphones or earbuds in the workplace

Are you here to check out the usage of headphones, earphones, or earbuds in the workplace is right or not? Then this is the right portal for you. Bestasshoppy.com is one of the best providers of the headset for the people who care for their health.

It is a common observation that many people use audio headphones, earphones, and earbuds. But whether these are safe or not is not a very common question amongst the people.

Audio devices such as Skullcandy Ultra-reflective headset are best for work and study places. The sheet of data focuses on providing advice to the customers. This is to assure that the use of the device does not affect the health of the users.

These pointers allow users to minimize the ill impacts of these audio devices. Use of earphones, headphones, and earbuds in accordance with the following ways is a must.

  • The user of earphones or headsets should be aware of their health impacts. They must know where the hazard to their safety and health for using such devices lies. For instance, if they are not able to hear urgent alarms, then they should refrain from using such devices.
  • The higher use of such devices can be the reason for the permanent loss. If anyone standing near is able to hear what the user is listening then the volume is very high. Immediately minimize the volume.
  • People must use the single side of the earphones on road for maintaining the awareness of the happenings around them.
  • Headsets must be in a neat and clean state. And follow the essential instructions of the manufacturer when cleaning the devices. Otherwise, the damage will occur in the components of the audio gear.
  • Internal units of devices such as earbuds must have daily cleaning to avoid issues of hygiene.

Thus, for such reasons of safety and health, Bestasshoppy.com have lots of safety devices with a warranty which you can use for a whole day in your workplace.

Activities of using the earphones, headphones or earbuds

  • Where the need of wearing headsets or earphones is necessary, the assessment of risks must be taken before the use. This is especially necessary for workshops, studios, and laboratories or any other regions where dangerous chemicals, biological and other substances are in use. For instance harmful substances, infectious metal substances.
  • If the assessment of risk shows that there is no other alternative but for using then headsets such as Skullcandy Ultra-reflective should be obtained after getting approval from the supervisors and managers in the work areas.
  • Headsets, earphones, and earbuds should be kept in such a manner that it reduces the risk of contamination by harmful substances or materials.
  • Only one user must use the audio gear and no sharing, please. This is very essential to assure hygiene standard. The units need properly cleaning per the instructions before transferring between individuals.

Headsets such as Skullcandy Ultra reflective headset requires no repetitive adjusting and fitting. And thus the products of bestasshoppy.com are safe and secure according to the terms of the health of the person.

Earphones Vs Headphones – Which Is Better

Keep in mind that everything has its own features and thereby own benefits and disadvantages. When it is about opting for headphones or earphones, both have their own benefits and limitations. Thus, very first, both of these make noise around you go mute because of the sound isolation. If the comparison has to be done then check out below differences –

  • Headphones provide the superior and better quality of sound in comparison to earphones. Nowadays the Kotioncolored headphone with a mic in black/green is a popular product of bestasshoppy.com all across the world.
  • Headphones sit on the outer ear and do not block the auditory surface whereas earphones get within the ear which can cause the partial deafness in the eardrums.
  • Headphones are better than earphones in preventing the outside noise if you wish for.
  • Nowadays, earphones come are light in weight, very easy for carrying and portable which is not just the case of the headphones.
  • You can wear the earphones while running, working out in a gym and walking but headphones can get wet with the sweat and make your ears very hot.
  • Earphones are very comfortable if you do not wish to get messed up with your earrings and hairs.

As per the above comparisons, headphones are considered a better option if you wish to enjoy the high sound quality at home. But if you are traveling, then earphones are the best option to opt for because of being portable and light.

Headphones are settled on the outer ears where supra-aural covers the complete surfaces of ears but do not block them completely. Over the models of ears or circumaural, fully enclosed with the ears. They are also highly efficient at preventing out the noise, and their background noise which is always present, like traffic on the road.

The headphones of bestasshoppy.com are reasonable and you can buy it a pair with offers. The higher the quality of headphones, the higher is its cost. But some says that headphones are not suitable and are so big and not portable. This is the reason why you do not see the runners or walkers wearing them. And if you wear and use headphones for some time, then they become all sweaty especially when you are working out or exercising. The bulky the headphones, the more problem it can create with your hairs. They can also interfere with the earrings and glasses.

Both earphones, as well as headphones, have their own sets of pros and cons. If you are at home or in the office, then you can go with headphones for a clear and high quality of sound and for the safe side of it for your health. But if you wish to go for walking or running, then earphones is the best-fit one would assume. Bestasshoppy.com has many affordable offers in headphones as well as earphones. So choose wisely according to your requirements and purpose of use.

Thus, the final decision totally depends on you and your choice. Don’t be ever much confused between these two.

Headphones and Earphones Buying Guide

Are you in search of the headphones or earphones, but do not know the factors to consider while buying earphones and headphone? If yes, then be happy as your search finally ends here. There are many models to opt for your use as per your requirements. Sound quality is the foremost feature or characteristic which is essential for everybody; but for some, the big volume is the essential factor and some others wish to gain full-range experience open which emphasizes the overall evaluation. Other characteristics comprise of weight, fit, comfort, and portability which are described below.

What do you need, headphones or earphones? First, choose one according to your choice and requirements. Or do you just wish to have the set of studio related headphones for controlling and listening recordings? This article will give you the basic knowledge for buying the headphone or earphone of the best companies. You can also go for Philips headphone in Graphite.

Specifications of headphones and earphones

The best option for evaluating the headphones is to listen to them. Listening to some of guitar and piano music, you can easily distinguish the difference between the bad and good and the very good ones.

The easy and useful feature to consider is the price. Generally, performance and quality are very much related to the tag of price. The size of the driver is an essential spec, especially if you wish to get the big bass. Characteristics may be useful for the buyers who are knowledgeable which helps them to decide between studio headphones.

The most common factors you need to see while buying the headphone or earphone according to your requirement.

  1.    Isolation of noise/cancellation

It is just an additional characteristic which everyone likes to have it. But if it is not present, then also it does not make the headphone or earphone bad or good. Headphones or earphones with the feature of cancellation of noise are more expensive.

  1.    Connector’s type

Most of the earphones have the 3.5 mm size connectors. While some are made up of bronze, some of the steels, some of the chrome and some of the gold. Gold material connectors are having the high quality which is better conductors. Sequence from the best to the worst series is the following

Gold > chrome > Bronze > Stainless steel

  1.    Sensitivity

Commonly, sensitivity is the factor which is present around 100 dB/mW. It ranges between 90 to 115 dB/mW. It remains of around 105 dB/mW.

  1.    Type of Magnet

Most of all the earphones have the neodymium magnets fitted inside. They have the capacity to generate good quality sounds. So in general, go with it.

This is just your personal choice. You have your requirements and thus, you can choose your own type of connectors, sound quality, loudness, volume, pitch, etc. as all these factors are differently evaluated by everyone’s choice. So whenever you go to buy a headphone or earphone choose it wisely taking into consideration all your requirements especially and along with it your preferences as well for sure.

The next big thing in Shopping

Are you excited to hear about the next big thing in the industry of shopping? If so, then the next big thing is the concept in the competitive world. There are many shops that are using their innovative ideas for the next step. This is to move on to increase the growth of the business. Shopping brings out to the latest designs in clothes such as western, traditional and latest designs, accessories such as Skullcandy Ultra-reflective headset, electronics, etc.

You can see the evolution of shopping with the launching of new ideas related to the field of shopping. There is online shopping in trend for buying it from the sales offered.

The next big thing in shopping

Customers nowadays prefer online shopping more. As many of the students and working men and women are busy in their life with their jobs and work thus, online shopping is more preferred by them.

The biggest step for shopping in the future for increasing the demand is that the shopping value increase. And the benefits are the gains of both customers and companies or business. Thus, the plan for the increase in the rate of success is the products to sell in this competitive market online with affordable price and grab the audience.

This huge competitive market has developed the concept of displaying shopping at the transparent touch screen tools and technologies with the glass screen. Shoppers have the option to buy virtually but directly from the store.

Shopping is the thing which will never get stop until there are human beings as we all need basic things regularly. The next and biggest thing for shopping is just to take your business and recognize it worldwide.

Girls and boys, women and men, kids are all crazy about shopping. It can be any kind of shopping such as clothes, accessories, etc. It is a common belief that shopping makes the mood of the people happy. An exciting gift can change the mood of the people for better. Hence, the surprise gifts are also present in the list of shopping.

And in addition, if we get the discount on our chosen thing, then our mood seems no boundary. This is the trick of the shopping business to make happy to their customers as well as earn profit too.

So, as it is evidently seen over the past few years since the inception of the e-commerce stores and with the rapid advancement of digitization that shopping at stores physically will now be little less as people are too busy with their hectic schedule that they prefer online shopping windows and platforms in the form of e-commerce stores.

Shopping brings forth a mood of charm & excitement in the minds of the people opting for it. Digitization of shopping has surely been the next big thing in the world of shopping and with consistent and comprehensive efforts being made to further make the process an even advanced one from all aspects there is simply no doubt that online shopping would continue to be the crowd-puller and crowd-favorite for a long time to come.

What I Spend Money On

Let’s be honest with ourselves, who don’t want to splurge on the things they like the most. Everyone, to be exact. Yes, everyone loves to spend their hard earned money on the thing they love. Some spend hefty dollars on shoes while others spend all their lump sum bonus on trips to foreign lands. Everyone has their own likings and everyone gets pleasure from splurging on them with no holds bar. But if you ask the people of this century, then this splurge list will definitely have a tech item. No, it is seriously a fascinating trivia. Whether you are looking at the want list of a fashionista or you are working your way through an old soul’s need list, you will be quite shocked to find out that both the lists feature the latest iPhone model. This is very hard to believe yet this is the truth.

People spend a bizarre amount of earnings on bizarre techs these days. Some do it to fulfill their geek-ish ways while others do it to stay in the trend loop. Many buy gadgets to become more proficient and increase their profitability. The last one is not a very passionate requisite but definitely one of the tech manufacturers favorite one. This is because the last kind of customer base keeps buying gadgets on a regular basis. However, the general people tend to spend more on gadgets that are high on features and sport chic looks. Though many do not utilize or understand all the features fully still they use these gracefully all the same.

Gadgets are very unique in their own way. Some are better off as an appliance while the next one is good for doing intelligent things. But the necessities & the preferences of the buyer ultimately makes a gadget worthy of enlisting itself on the splurge list. The top gadgets are

  • Firstly, we have headphones and earphones. These are the most common and the most popular tech gears that everyone spends on extravagantly. These come in all shapes, sizes and kinds. The wireless ones are in fad today but the with-cord one are still the gamers & musicians favorite. The colors and the nature of the high-tech earphones and headphone makes them drool worthy.
  • Secondly, the market is full of speakers. Enjoying sounds in seclusion is popular these days and so is partying with everyone. For full on rage, loud bass is definitely a must which only a speaker can give. The portable speakers, the Bluetooth speakers and the high-amp conventional speakers are quite the people’s choice. Everyone want to splurge on speakers. The online portals like bestasshoppy.com showcase spelt priced speakers like Zoook Wireless Speaker In Black so that people can spend & save on best quality products all at the same time.
  • Thirdly, the chargers are very popular because these are both the necessity and obsession of the digital crowd. Speaking of chargers these are quite fashionable too to go well with the theme of any smartphone. It complements people’s wardrobe, tech sense and proficiency.

The 7 Best Selling Items

The 7 best selling items

When a shopper logs on to a website, he looks at the reviews and ratings to select the best brands and products to buy. These websites conduct research to put the top-selling items on their home page. It is important for any buyer to have concrete data about the best selling items on the website.  It gives the shopper the insight into the buying pattern and past performance of the product.

The trendsetting 7 best selling items on bestasshoppy.com are:

Surround sound speakers- These are home audio systems that give you a 360 degree surround sound quality for an enthralling experience. JVC XS stereo speakers and others give you a wireless pool party experience or any other gathering a hit with great sound. It can get sync with the computer or mobile via Bluetooth feature to set the right mood.

Power bank- There is a range of pocket-friendly power banks. Power bank has a capacity of a minimum 10000 mAh. So, never be out of charging for your mobile phone. Hence, purchase and carry the best and economical IVOOMi 13000 MAh Power Bank.

Headphones- If you love to listen to music, pick these most comfortable headphones which are compatible with any audio player, tablet or your mobile. Enjoy music in high definition with clear high and low notes. Even it has an inbuilt microphone to take calls in between your music recital. It is lightweight so that you can travel lite. Philips Headphones in graphite color is the coolest. Sony headphones, Motorola headphones are also available. Therefore, enjoy & work on the move with comfort & efficiency.

Spy pen – It is the best quality and appropriately priced item. It is not just a simple pen because it can write as well as can be your personal detective. It has 32 GB storage in a micro SD TF card. The battery is rechargeable. It is a good spy product to record videos and pictures with high resolution. The presence of a USB port and data cable helps you to connect it with any gadget.

Stereo Bluetooth headset- A wireless Bluetooth connected headset is good to give a hands-free feel. You are free to listen to music or chat with your friends and family using this techno product. The wire mesh is a thing of the past with this high-quality headset that isolates the outside noise. It makes your conversation very loud and clear. It has an added bass feature so that you groove to the music. Some best buys are Event ARCH Dual Pairing Wireless Bluetooth.

Motorola flip shell cover – This product is a steal when picked from this website. It is a smart cover that has sensor triggers for auto sleep and auto wake modes. This cover not only protects the phone from scratches but also saves from an accidental drop. It is a plastic body.

Micro USB cable- It is a round shaped cable with a length of 1.5 meters. Its speed is 480 Mbps. So, just click a button and add it to your cart as it’s an essential mobile and laptop accessory.

Just log on and get yourself huge discounts on the above and many more products.

Share some of the favorite items

Share some of the favorite items

We like to share our favorite things with our family, friends, and acquaintances. Sharing enables us to have more in common with the people we live and talk. This way we generate common topics of interest and make the relationship more opulent. Again, we share something to satisfy & fulfill our emotional needs. But enough with the talks about sharing, let’s get to the point where we actually share something.

The action of share is not there only in the human fraternity but in the digital domain also. Companies share the market; people share their interests and gadgets and also their accessories. Yes, gears are the best trending thing that the present society loves to share. We are not going to talk about virtual sharing of files & data over the internet and Bluetooth in this piece. The fad of the time is sharing the chic & savvy headphones & earphones. These are not just any digital peripherals but a style statement. Bluetooth earphones with collar bands or the sound box overhead headphones give your wardrobe a special X-factor. The nature of the headphone or earphone also symbolizes the status to which you belong to. So when you are sharing your headphone actually you are sharing your personal preference with someone.

The modern trend of sharing headphone is more of a like social sharing. Here you share your favorite gear with someone and you also get something back from someone. All this mingling gives everyone an opportunity to experience different variants of a gear. This actually opens up the market for the headphones. You can call this an elaborate marketing stunt if you may. The online portals like bestasshoppy.com feature various kinds of headphones and earphones. These gears are branded and very affordable and you will love to share these with you dears ones. The quality and flair of the headphones like Kotion Colored Headphone with Mic In Black/Green are simply incredible.

But for you to share a headphone you need to love it first and make it your favorite one. Therefore, let’s look for the features that make you fall in love with headphones or an earphone.

Firstly, the trait of being adjustable makes headphones popular among peripheral devices.

Secondly, the modern day headphones are quite compact and come handy to you during travels.

Thirdly, the Bluetooth connectivity makes the wire tangles a thing of the past. For this variant, long battery life is also a valid & attractive feature.

Fourthly, the grand sound effect is what makes headphone the love inters of the audiophiles. The surround sound, the noise cancellation, the bone conduction, and the equalizer systems turn music into entertainment.

Fifthly, the mic gives an extra edge to the headphone in communication & recoding activities.

Sixthly, headphones protect us from harmful radiations emitting from smartphones. The love for headphone gets enhanced by its healthcare prospect.

And finally, the convenience that headphones & earphones bring to our lives, simply make them the favorite gear on everyone’s sharing list.


How to Pick the Ideal Headphone for your Favorite Genres

How to Pick the Ideal Headphone for your Favorite Genres

The use of sound is variant in our lives. The nature of the sound determines the affinity of people towards it. The sounds of daily grind are noise while that coming from instruments are melody. So it depends on the listener how he or she perceives a sound. But the matter of the fact remains that sounds are the basis of all these happenings. The music is the most popular and trendy form of sound. The sounds of music are very melodious and incite raw emotions within us. The thing that makes music evergreen and heartfelt is the fervor tunes convey. The tones of different notes tune a different chord every time.

Enough with the intriguing facts about sound. Let’s discuss the experience of sound. Music is favourite of all. We listen to music to both express our emotions and enhance the circumstances. Again, we play music to enjoy a party and at the same time, we play music to pay condolences at a funeral. The versatility of music portrays it as the most prudent form of personal media. Therefore, headphones and earphones are the gadgets that channelize the pure form of sounds to the people. There are lots of smart gears and accessories available in the market that produces the finest musical experience to the listeners.

The advent of technology has given us a lot of possibilities to showcase musical entertainment in the most appropriate setup. There are many genres of music like pop, rock, hip-hop, classical, flat, EDM and jazz. The digital technology and sound engineering have developed so much that reciprocating these genres has become second nature to the makers of headphones and earphones.

The following are the most popular genres of headphones available in the market.

Firstly, we have the rock genre headphones & earphones. There are quite lots of option in this particular genre. The open back ones give you the most lucid sound feeling of the string instruments. The closed back ones are best for percussion beats. There are other types also like supra-aural, in-ear and circum-aural.

Secondly, we have pop genre headphones & earphones. People who like pop songs will have a blast with these. The bass of these headphones is very fast yet precise. You can enjoy the highs & mid of sound quite gleefully.

Thirdly, we have the EDM genre headphones & earphones. The electronic dance music genre is a high-frequency bass & treble system. The equalizers give you the dance beat you prefer to hear. For Bollywood songs, these are the best gears. Philips Headphone In Graphite from Redragon belongs to this genre.

Fourthly, we have the jazz genre headphones & earphones. For controlled sound settings and a warm and soothing melody, you need to have this headphone. The bass is tight and the equalizer is clinically stable.

Fifthly, we have the classical genre headphones & earphones. For excellent sound clarity and high-end musical experience choose this gear. The astute tuning and perfect synchronization are USP of classical genre headphones.

And lastly, we have the flat genre headphones & earphones. For sound experimentation, you need a black canvas. These give you customization option to create any sound genre.

5 Things that make Ultrasone Headphones Unique

5 Things that make Ultrasone Headphones Unique

Earphones & headphones are some of the most selective devices for individual melodic encounters. We wear these electronic gears for tuning in to melodies as well as to communicate with others. Be that as it may, these details aside, the new age headsets are essentially in the market for the emphatic sound lovers. The musical people just can’t avoid music for even a minute. They require music nonstop. Regardless of whether they are running on a trail or perspiring out in the exercise center for a bit, music is their shadow. The equivalent goes for other diurnal actions too, from studying to working and from relaxation to communicating. So on the off chance that you are a bonafide music lover, then you must definitely desire for some awesome musical experience through you preferred headphone or earphone.

The present electronics market is flooding with various types of earphones & headphones. Some are top of the line while others are a stereotype. Some are expensive while others are sensible. In any case, if you are willing to buy something that will satisfy your audiophile requirements then believe that brand matters. Because those offer fortunate musical experiences. You will discover a ton of likewise headsets at the Redragon online portal. The Phillips Handfree In Black is quite the catch. But when talking about the best sound experience you simply cannot miss out on mentioning Ultrasone headphones & earphones. Ultrasone is a classic example of handmade musical delight. You will get many variants of this high-end product in almost every electronic market.

Let us see why Ultrasone Headphones are so unique and are so brand savvy.

Firstly, the Ultrasone headphones are made in the expert sheds of Bavarian. The serenity and the elegance of the Alps cradling Bavaria are best found in the seamless designs of the Ultrasone headphones. The edition of the headphones is unique and patent worthy.

Secondly, the Ultrasone headphones are very artistic. The designs are very luxurious and the quality of the materials is very high end. The leathers, the stones, the woods, and the silicon chips are of the finest order. The techs are also very hi-fi and the accessories are very prudent. From comfort to design and from performance to quality, Ultrasone is the best in the market.

Thirdly, the position of the driver in the canister makes Ultrasone headphone a sound specialist. The decentralization of the driver’s position makes the sound vibes channel efficiently into the ear. This elevates the smooth feeling in the ear and good sound effect.

Fourthly, the cutting-edge ultra-low emission technology. This ULE tech gives Ultrasone headphones the special sound entertainment feature. The electronic barrier filters the electromagnetic wave from the main music stream. This enhances the musical experience.

And fifthly, the S-Logic feature takes Ultrasone experience to the next level. The surround sound with 3d feature makes every sound magnanimous. There is no echo or static but pure fluid musical tonality. Hear the best through the best.

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