Best Ear-Gears For Your Paramount Personal Musical Experience In 2018

Sound is the one the most fundamental aspects of nature and life itself. Its presence and absence equally affects everything. But the tunes of the nature and the one created by us are the carrier for serenity and tranquillity. Sounds are important for making conversation, to communicate and to incite fervent emotions during various life changing occasions. Sounds of music are the most empowering frequencies in the life. There isn’t a single emotion in the dictionary of life which could not be explained or signified by one or other forms of music. Everyone loves music. We live by music. We listen to music to enjoy, to relax, to rehabilitate, to vent anger or frustration, to perform, to get passionate, to get inspired and also to get addicted.

The gregarious advent of technology has made the sound industry compressed down from a room size boom box to a pint size woofer and a stethoscope earphone to couple of wireless earplugs. Nowadays, orchestras have become an art form in the music industry as most of the sounds are made on the high spec computerized sound kit inside a sound studio. The smart devices has given the option to store a huge playlist and get it update every now & then over the internet. Though we love to party with loud music, still most of us want to give ourselves, our own music time with a private playlist.

At home you can enjoy your favourite music with proper setup and music but what to do on the run. As most of us are working and running all day long, earphones has become an essentiality  for our leisure time and is the significant other of the stress busting duo – smart device & earphones. Aside from listening to music, we also make effective & clear conversations over the phone, on video chat, though conference call and so on, with other communicative modes.

There are many good quality earphones on the market. Some are branded and some are not. You can also get discount priced stock clearance branded earphones if you’re lucky. Hands down, some of the best earphones of the world are from the shelves of either or another branded sound developers.  The fact of the matter is, it is not the brand name that really matters but the sound quality and overall finesse of the products. Of late the sound market is being flooded with various high grade earphones. Red Dragon is one of the best digital retailers in the online domain. The plethora of products archived in its aisles is truly grandiose. Out of all the personalized sound products, based on Red Dragon’s sales stats, a probable top 5 in 2018 list may feature the following ear-gears for their tested high standards and great customer reviews.


1. Sony MDR-EX155 Headphone –

These earphones are the reason you will want to go back to the wired life in this wireless age. The superior build and comfortable in-ear composition makes MDR-EX155 a good buy.  But what makes it the best buy is the customizable audio system; it is like the earphone has its own sound balancer & a bass knob to let you hear your music on your own sound terms.


2. Motorola Earbuds 2 with Mic –

If you are walking-talking person or just want to avoid the gibberish noise in a stuffy crowd then these earphones are the perfect buy. These Motorola cabled ear buds with great noise cancellation system and fine ambience audio are a great option. It has a simple design; a switch unit, a pair of padded in-ear sound channels and a good mic which lets you converse with clarity in hostile situations.


3. Samsung EHS64AVFWECINU Wired Headset with Mic –

The earphone experience does not get any more exhilarating than these. The EHS64AVFWECINU is truly a pair of wired ear buds with mature design and good connectivity. The buds are pleasurably comfortable with best sound quality and balanced audio system. The canalized output in-ear buds provides deep bass and the mic piece has the call take/cut button along with volume keys. One of the best buys in 2018.


4. JBL C100SI Wired Headphone –

These sound plugs are one of the best economic ones in the list. The earphones are wired and are designed in the classic JBL sleek & shiny roundel mold with in-ear feature. C100SI headphones are very affordable and give a serious punch to your favorite songs with stellar and balanced audio quality accompanied by JBL’s signature bass & dynamics.


5. LeEco LePDH401IN CDLA Wired Headphones –

The latest one in the common wired earphone genre. Simple style and high effect. The pod shaped ear buds have a sleek yet strong build. The earphone has a great, an intuitive magnetic switch and an archetypal reverberating audio system with wonderful sound. LeEco has outdone itself with great digital loudspeaker system and a sensitive & record-availing microphone system.

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