How to Rock Out With Earbuds or Headphones Without Damaging Your Hearing

If you wish to listen to rock and party music while workout session or begin the morning with this relaxing sound, then you need to also watch out that you do not damage your sense of hearing. Many people spend their time daily with earphones with rock music into their ears.

To balance the volume of hearing’s length        

Level and length of hearing are two different aspects which need to get the balance. This is for avoiding the induced noise. Which can be harmful to ears from the ordinary earphones or headsets.

Around 80 to 90% volume for the 90 minutes of time duration is the general rule. It is a common fact that ‘the length of hearing is inversely proportional to its volume’. If you are speaking for more amount of time for around 80 minutes, then keep your pitch or sound low so that you can listen to it for a long time. The lower the volume, the higher the length of time duration.

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Benefits of good earphones or headsets

There are many advantages of buying good and well-known company’s earphones or headsets as they see to the health of the ears also.

  • Prevents losing the sense of hearing
  • Able to hear the outside sound with care in traffic areas
  • Saves money of going to doctors

Various devices

Apart from the pitch, volume and duration of talking, the device which you use also creates a difference. There are three different types of devices where each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

As per the ears, a headset coves the ear and is very fit for preventing the noise from outside. Such a supreme quality of headsets enables you to do this for a very long time. But they are not as portable as earphones.

Earphones enable you to hear the noise of outside for entering into your ear that can be the best for safety if you are traveling or are near to the traffic with other people. But, people always increase the pitch of the music in the areas where they need to keep it low like public areas, traffic areas, etc.

Isolated earphones have the tips of rubber which just blocks the canal of the ear. They are good for listening to music or sound but can be harmful to walkers, runners, and cyclists who have to look out for the outside sounds also like vehicles horn or traffic. Thus even doctor says that spend some little extra money on good earphone or headset, but don’t damage your ears.

Thus, here it is shown that if you spend a bit extra money on good company’s headset or earphones, you will save your ears and prevent the chances of loss of hearing.